slipknot wanyk world tour 2020

Slipknot WANYK World Tour 2020 – Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin

9:01 pm. BAM! The sold out Slipknot show in Berlin’s Mercedes Benz arena starts with a big bang. Just the very first of many pyro-spectaculars to come throughout the evening. The Slipknot signed curtain is quickly pulled away and opens up the view to a “classic” Slipknot stage setup. Two drum/percussion sets on each side of the stage. The drumset at the very center on the upper level of the stage surrounded by the electronic/DJ/effects setup. Stairs leading from the drums towards the lower center piece of the stage where the Slipknot brothers do their work devotedly. Berlin’s metal family has come together to celebrate the “We Are Not Your Kind Tour 2020”.

This is certainly one of the occasions where energy, physical presence and performance as well as crowd interaction is much more important than sound quality. It is always a major challenge to endow a venue (of that size) with great sound. The Mercedes Benz is no exception even though I can remember a few rare events where it all worked out. With Slipknot’s band setup things get even worse. It seems like it’s almost impossible to make that massive and super energetic instrumentation sound great. It tends to end up in a dense wall of sound where everthing is just mixed up in sonic mush. Separation and skilled attention to detail is no focus here. Anyway I had the feeling the mixing got slightly better in the course of the event.

Despite these minor drawbacks in acoustical performance Slipknot was delivering a more than rock solid show for sure. Corey and his brothers put out a sound collection of old and new songs. Almost everything you would expect and should make the Slipknot fan happy not matter if he/she joined the movement just lately or 20 years ago. A great overview of their ferocious, anti-social and cynical work they have been delivering for more than two decades now.

The masked artists played songs across five of their albums: Slipknot, Iowa, Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses), All Hope is Gone and of course We Are Not Your Kind. With only one song being played from “All Hope Is Gone” the album certainly was under-represented and would have allowed for at least one more classic “Sulfur”. Even more surprisingly and regrettably they left out their live crackerjack “The Heretic Anthem”. Regardless of that Slipknot delivered an enjoyable show bursting with energy all along their 105 min. setlist: