Emil Bulls Berlin Astra 2019

Emil Bulls X-MAS BASH Tour 2019 – Berlin

Saturday night 11 pm – my ears are ringing, my voice is scratchy, my clothes are sweaty and I love it! The super energetic line-up of the Emil Bulls X-MAS BASH Tour 2019 consisting of Improvement, Grizzly, Annisokay and of course the headliner Emil Bulls has just come to an end. These guys are crazy…what else can I say?! I f*’kin’ love this band for more than 20 years now. Actually Emil Bulls will be celebrating their 25th band anniversary in 2020!

24 years is quite some time and I have to admit that one of my first thoughts was that even these guys are getting old after all these years when they entered the venue. For sure they lost a big part of their energy that they used to display extensively when performing live on stage in earlier years. Singer Christoph von Freydorf admittedly calls their performance “Altherren Scheiß” nowadays. 🙂

To make things even worse I had the feeling that I had to discover some cutbacks in their musical performance as well – a little less punch, crispness and vitality here and there across the two hour (!) live set. As if it was a warning not only to the crowd but also to the band Christoph advised us to pace ourselfs as it was going to be a long evening. As the setlist shows he didn’t exaggerate…

Enough of all the criticism. Besides those minor limitations neither the band nor their songs have lost any of their potential to make the crowd go crazy. 120 minutes pure joy and excitement that was perfectly delivered throughout the evening. Actually the second half of the setlist was no more boring than the first half and the last songs could all have easily been the opener to the show.

Parts of that energetic and intoxicating character of their songs are derived from their amazing ability to act as a whole and show impressive timing and thightness in their performance. From my point of view they haven’t lost any of that. For me they have always been kings of timing. That perfect consistency across all five band members leads to a very compelling sound and groove that inevitably leads to heavy head-banging and/or any kind of rhythmic movements in the crowd.

Kudos to Emil Bulls for that great show at Astra Kulturhaus that pretty much ended with what is best described as “Abriss” in German. 😀

I’m looking forward to the next 25 years in your wonderful carreer of mud, blood and beer. Mark your calendar on December 19th 2020.

Emil Bulls Berlin 2019
Emil Bulls Berlin 2019
Emil Bulls Berlin 2019
Emil Bulls Berlin 2019
Emil Bulls Berlin 2019
Emil Bulls Munich 2020

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