Nirvana In Utero LIVE

Artist Of The Day: Kurt Cobain

It is truely hard to believe. It has been more than a quarter of a century that Kurt Cobain joined the infamous Club 27. If he wouldn’t have ended his life back in 1994 he would have propably turned 53 years old today. Yepp, that’s right. It’s Kurt Cobain’s birthday today. Mr. Kurt Donald Kobain was born on February 20, 1967. This means he would be 53 years old by now. Unfortunately Kurt only stayed for 27 years with us. Next year this time he will be gone for as long as he was living. A somehow disturbing thought.

Occasions like these are always predetermined to look back in joy and/or sadness. One of my favorite Nirvana memories is the fact the I had the great pleasure and honor to be part of Nirvana’s last live performance ever. Everybody who knows me already knows this anecdote. I tell it to everybody unasked no matter if he/she is interested or not. This is just too big to hide! 🙂

It fills me with even more pride that I’m still in possession of the original concert ticket. The concert took place in Terminal 1 of Munich’s long abandoned airport Riem and was of course sold-out. Man I can still remember the smell of teen spirit 4,000+ people wet of rain, beer and sweat grooving as hard as they possibly could. Pushed by those melancholic, slightly disharmonic and ever so catchy Nirvana tunes that have become part of the soundtrack of our lives. Needless to say the live performance was far, far away from being perfect. In retrospect it was actually the very preannouncement of what should follow only a few days later. I guess these 35 D-Mark (!) were very well spent.

I haven’t seen or touched this ticket for about 20 years. But today I had to take it out to quickly take a picture of it. It actually gave me goosebumps when I saw it again together with a newsletter article about the concert that I archived on the day after (yepp these things were printed on paper back then).

Nirvana In Untero Munich 1994

Dear Kurt, rest in peace. As mentioned in your last words: ” it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Your musical heritage will certainly not fade away anytime soon.