red chili peppers

Artist Of The Day: John Frusciante is back in the game

The almighty Red Hot Chili Peppers have annouced that their guitarist Josh Klinghoffer who has been with them since 2010 is leaving the band. As this might sound threatingly at first sight the good great news is that mastermind and guitar hero John Frusciante is re-joining the group!!!

Josh Klingenhoffer has been a solid part of the band especially when it comes to live performances within the last ten years but he wasn’t able to deliver the same level of brilliancy as John Frusciante did when it comes to creativity and overall impact on the band.

Frusciante played for more than 14 years with the RHCP and during these two periods (1988-1992 and 1998-2009) fantastic and timeless albums, songs and performances have been brought to live. Lately their output has become less destinct, unique and catchy as they have been able to deliver in the past with great sovereignty. I’m more than curious to see what the future band setup will bring…

Photo by Elle Hughes on Unsplash